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  • Aeolus ballpoint pen, bocote wood, gold plated


    A exquisite twist action ballpoint pen that oozes quality. Hand turned from a beautiful piece of bocote wood and adorned with high quality gold plated components. This pen has a silky smooth action and is a joy to use.

    Aeolus is a Greek word meaning quick moving or nimble and according to Greek mythology Aeolus was the divine ruler of the winds. 

    Bocote is an exotic wood native to Mexico, Central America, and the West Indies. It features a wide range of grain patterns from straight to wild, with curved lines and swirls. Nearly every culture throughout history has attributed magic properties to wood. Some hold one type of wood to be sacred, while others believe that all wood has magic properties. Bocote is said to represent the end of an old cycle and the beginning of a new one and an inspiration for the artistic and creative mind.

    This pen is supplied with a black Parker refill (installed) and a black velvet drawstring pouch. 

    Style: Sirocco twist ballpoint pen.

    Material: Body is made from bocote wood. Gold plated components.

    Refill: Parker style.

    Finish: High gloss.

    Length: 12.5cm

    Diameter: 1.4cm

    Weight: 38g