Quality handmade pens
  • Bethlehem Comfort ballpoint pen, olive wood, chrome

    A special pen with a significant origin. The Bethlehem Comfort pen is beautifully handcrafted from olive wood grown in Bethlehem and premium quality chrome plated components. Each pen comes with a Certificate of Authenticity. More than any other plant, the olive tree symbolizes the Holy Land it has been called: "The Sacred Tree", "The Peace Tree", "The Tree of Light", and "The Tree of Legends". The olive tree represents the Holy Land in all religions. "The olive tree stands as a perfect personification of man's historical memory in the Holy Land. It is the tree with the highest endurance and fruitful capacity. It is the sign of peace between God and mankind.


    Style: Comfort twist ballpoint.

    Material: Bethlehem olive wood, chrome plated components.

    Refill: Cross style

    Finish: Wax

    Length: 13cm

    Diameter: 1.1cm

    Weight: 22g