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  • Cigar Bahia ballpoint pen, Brazilian tulipwood, gold plated


    This Cigar style ballpoint pen has an attractive chunky feel and is made from beautiful Brazilian tulipwood and premium gold plated components. It has a highi gloss finish, which highlights the natural properties of the wood.

    This is a very beautiful and rare wood. The heartwood is a pinkish to salmon colour, overlain with streaks of yellow, red purple and rose.  The streaks can be perpendicular giving the wood a somewhat linear appearance or they can be quite variegated and random.

    Native to northeastern Brazil and occasionally found in Columbia and Venezuela, Brazilian Tulipwood is a small tree or shrub.  It grows up to 30 feet in height with a width rarely exceeding 12 – 16 inches. Hence the tree yields small pieces of material often with heart defect. It is a long-lived, slow-growing tree that requires a minimum of a 100 years to reach maturity.

    Style: Cigar twist ballpoint pen.

    Material: Body is made from Brazilian tulipwood. Gold plated components.

    Refill: Parker style.

    Finish: High gloss

    Length: 14cm

    Diameter: 1.5cm

    Weight: 48g