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  • Classic ballpoint pen, purpleheart, comfort grip, chrome


    A classic ballpoint pen that looks and feels like a much more expensive pen. Beautifully handcrafted pen embellished with three decorative bands on the cap and barrel; made from purpleheart wood, which has an attractive colour and grain. The pen is adorned with quality chrome plated components and has a gloss finish to highlight the natural properties of the wood. It is supplied with a black Cross style refill (installed) and a black drawstring pouch.

    Purpleheart trees are native to the tropical rainforests of Central and Southern America and Brazil. They are medium-sized to large trees growing to 30–50 m (100–160 ft) tall, with trunk diameters of up to 1.5 m (5 ft). The tree is prized for its beautiful heartwood, which when cut, quickly turns from a light brown to a rich purple color when exposed to sunlight. This pen uses a Cross style refill.

    Style: European twist ballpoint.

    Material: Purpleheart wood. Premium quality chrome plated components.

    Refill: Cross style

    Finish: Gloss

    Length: 14.1cm

    Diameter: 1.3cm

    Weight: 28g