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  • Diplomat fountain pen, non postable, elder wood, rhodium plated


    This is a very elegant and contemporary style fountain pen. Handcrafted in our Cheshire workshop from elder wood. The pen has a high gloss finish and is adorned with the finest premium quality rhodium plated components. Rhodium is an exquisite and valuable precious metal. Its brilliance, hardness, and beauty make it a favourite of fine pen collectors. Rhodium is extremely durable; it doesn't tarnish easily and is very resistant to scratching and acids. The silky smooth cap screw operation and writing experience are delivered by a fast action, precision thread. This fountain pen uses bottled ink (ink reservoir included) or a standard short cartridge (sold separately). 

    As with many fine executive pens, this pen is not designed to be used with the cap attached (i.e. the cap is non postable). A pen of this quality involves many hours to produce and will provide a lifetime of durability and pleasurable writing experience.

    The wood used for this pen was taken from a fallen branch close to my workshop. Elder commonly grows near farms and homesteads. Elderberry fruit or flowers are used in wine making and as dietary supplements to prevent or provide relief from minor diseases, such as flu and colds, served as a tea. The use of elderberry supplements increased early in the COVID-19 pandemic.  Like rowan, people saw elder as being a protective tree. It was auspicious if it was growing near one’s dwelling, especially if it had seeded itself there. If the rowan’s place was at the front of the house, the elder’s was at the back door; people believed it kept evil spirits from entering the home. The leaves and uncooked berries are slightly toxic, but once cooked the fruits can be used in pies and jam. 

    This pen is supplied with a black velvet presentation box and a black velvet drawstring pouch. 

    Style: Mistral fountain pen.

    Material: Elder wood. Rhodium plated components.

    Nib: Medium width German made premium quality two tone nib.

    Finish: Satin melamine.

    Refill: German refillable ink reservoir (included) or short reach ink cartridges.

    Length: 13.3cm

    Cap Diameter: 1.5cm

    Barrel Diameter: 1.4cm