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  • Gearshift ballpoint pen, white black acrylic, chrome


    The gearshift ballpoint pen is an ideal gift for any car enthusiast. It has a bolt action mechanism and the design is based on a five speed H pattern gear shift. The cap and tip feature a car tyre with a tread and hubcap and the gear shift handle has a five speed pattern engraved on the knob. The pen clip is attached clip attached to the cap with two small screws. The body of the pen is handturned  black and white acrylic and has a high gloss finish.

    Style: Streamline twist ballpoint.

    Material: Black and white swirl acrylic. Premium chrome components.

    Finish: High gloss.

    Refill : Parker style.

    Length: 13.5cm

    Diameter: 1.4cm

    Weight: 64g