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  • Jr Statesman non postable rollerball pen, Karelian burl birch, rhodium and gold plated


    A distinctive collectable pen of unrivalled beauty and quality. This Jr Statesman rollerball pen is handturned from very rare Karelian burl birch wood, which is polished to a mirror like high gloss finish. It is adorned with the finest premium quality rhodium and gold plated accents on the centre band and cap end. The silky smooth cap screw operation and writing experience are delivered by a fast action, precision thread, and a Schmidt ceramic roller refill. As with many fine executive pens, this pen is not designed to be used with the cap attached (i.e. the cap is non postable).

     Karelian burl birch is from Karelia, the border region between Russia and Eastern Finland. Trunks with good grains are relatively rare and are much sought after. The typical appearance in the form of brown veins is unique and is found in no other burl. The birch also plays a major role in the mythology and customs of all the Nordic and Scandinavian peoples: it was dedicated to the goddess Freya. The birch was also thought to be a "tree of protection" and a "tree of light," where superstition held that it would attract lightning.

    This pen is supplied with a black velvet presentation box and a black velvet drawstring pouch. 

    Style: Jr Statesman rollerball pen.

    Material: Karelian burl birch wood. Rhodium plated and titanium gold plated accents on the centre band and cap end.

    Refill: Medium width Schmidt safety ceramic rollerball.

    Length: 13cm

    Cap Diameter: 1.6cm

    Barrel Diameter: 1.5cm

    Weight: 48g