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  • Majestic rollerball pen, African blackwood, Swarovski crystal, rhodium plated


    A beautiful non postable rollerball pen that oozes quality and is a joy to use. Superb balance and weight. The pen is handcrafted from African blackwood, premium quality rhodium/black titanium plated components, Swarovski crystal inset, and includes a premium quality Schmidt steel cartridge with ceramic tip.

    African blackwood is considered to be among the hardest and densest of woods in the world. It is a small tree, reaching 4–15 m tall, native to the seasonally dry areas of Africa. It is used in the manufacture of musical instruments and fine furniture.

    Style: Majestic non postable rollerball pen.

    Material: African blackwood cap and barrel. Rhodium/Black titanium coated components. Swarovski crystal.

    Refill: Schmidt steel cartridge with ceramic point.

    Length: 14.7cm

    Cap Diameter: 1.75cm

    Barrel Diameter: 1.75cm

    Weight: 94g