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  • Mistral twist pencil, red chip, rhodium and gold Ti plated


    A mechanical pencil of the highest quality and smooth twist action. Handcrafted from red chip acrylic, and features premium quality rhodium and gold titanium plated components, with the very best of German made mechanism. Rhodium is an exquisite and valuable precious metal. Its brilliance, hardness, and beauty make it a favourite of fine pen collectors. Rhodium is extremely durable; it doesn't tarnish easily and is very resistant to scratching and acids.

    Style: Mistral twist mechanical pencil.

    Material: Red chip acrylic cap and barrel. Rhodium plated components.

    Finish: High gloss.

    Refill: 0.7mm lead.

    Length: 13.5cm

    Cap Diameter: 1.4cm

    Barrel Diameter: 1.3cm

    Weight: 75g