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Shakespeare non postable fountain pen, pau rosa, stainless steel

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A beautiful contemporary style high end pen, adorned with the finest quality polished stainless steel. The barrel and cap are hand turned from pau rosa wood. As with many fine pens, this pen is not designed to be used with the cap attached (i.e. the cap is non postable). This fountain pen uses bottled ink (ink reservior included) or a standard short cartridge (sold separately).

Pau Rosa means rosewood in Portuguese. Its colour and density may have helped to obtain this descriptive trade name. The tree grows in the south east African rainforests of Mozambique and can grow up to 30 meters high and and 1 meter diameter.
Pau Rosa is very hard, very dense and heavy and is very rot resistant.

Style: Shakespeare non postable fountain pen.

Material: Body is made from pau rosa wood. Polished stainless steel components. Bock premium quality two tone nib.

Refill: Schmidt refillable ink reservoir (included). Short reach ink cartridges (not included).

Finish: High gloss.

Length: 13.1cm

Diameter: 1.5cm

Weight: 44g