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  • Sierra ballpoint pen, blackwood, platinum plated


    A luxurious pen that oozes quality. Hand turned in African Blackwood with and high quality platinum plated components. The wood used for this pen is nearly jet black with a very subtle grain.

    African Blackwood is used in the manufacture of musical instruments and fine furniture. Because of its hardness and density, it provides a particularly high quality, harmonious sound. The tonal qualities of African blackwood are particularly valued when used in woodwind instruments, principally clarinets, oboes, transverse flutes, piccolos, Highland pipes.

    Style: Sierra twist ballpoint.

    Material: African Blackwood barrel. Premium Platinum coated components.

    Finish: High gloss.

    Refill: Parker style.

    Length: 13.3cm

    Diameter: 1.35cm

    Weight: 50g