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  • Sierra ballpoint pen, pitch pine, platinum plated


    A luxurious pen that oozes quality. Hand turned from recycled pitch pine wood from St. John's Church, Weston, Runcorn and is adorned with high quality platinum plated components. The original use of this wood was for kneeling rails.

    Pine is often considered to be a symbol of longevity and endurance because of its ability to withstand harsh conditions. It is a tree that can live for centuries and is able to adapt and thrive in a variety of northern and high-altitude environments. The name pitch pine derives from its high resin content relative to other pines, pitch being an alternative word for the viscous organic resin derived from pine trees. 

    This pen is supplied with a black Parker style refill (installed), a black velvet presentation box and a black velvet drawstring pouch.

    Style: Sierra twist ballpoint.

    Material: Recycled pitch pine wood. Platinum plated components.

    Finish: High gloss.

    Refill: Parker style.

    Length: 13cm

    Diameter: 1.3cm

    Weight: 38g