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  • Sirocco ballpoint pen, African blackwood, rhodium plated

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    A exquisite twist action ballpoint pen that oozes quality. Hand turned from African blackwood and adorned with high quality rhodium and black Ti plated components. Rhodium is an exquisite and valuable precious metal. Its brilliance, hardness, and beauty make it a favourite of fine pen collectors. Rhodium is extremely durable; it doesn't tarnish easily and is very resistant to scratching and acids. This pen has a silky smooth action and is a joy to use.

    Style: Twist ballpoint pen.

    Material: Body is made from African blackwood. Rhodium and black Ti plated components.

    Refill: Parker style.

    Finish: High gloss.

    Length: 12.5cm

    Diameter: 1.4cm

    Weight: 38g