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  • Slimline ballpoint pen, leadwood, gold plated


    A slimline ballpoint pen that looks and feels like a much more expensive pen. Beautifully handcrafted pen made from African leadwood, which has a very attractive appearance. The pen is adorned with premium gold plated components and has a high gloss finish to highlight the natural properties of the wood.

    Leadwood is extremely dense and heavy. When dry this wood weighs 200 kgs per cubic meter more than water, making it one of the only woods which will sink, not float, when dropped into water. The leadwood tree is a very long lived but slow growing tree, found from the southern regions of South Africa as far up the continent as Northern Tanzania. There are leadwood trees at Sabi Sabi which are thought to be nearly a thousand years old. The Ovambo people from Namibia never pass a leadwood tree without paying respect to it.

    Style: Slimline twist ballpoint.

    Material:African leadwood, gold plated components.

    Refill: Cross style

    Finish: High gloss

    Length: 12.8cm

    Diameter: 1 cm

    Weight: 24g