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  • Workshop pencil, holm oak wood, chrome

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    A heavy duty practical and attractive mechanical pencil for the workshop. The pencil includes a precision mechanism and features an integrated sharpener in the cap with a clever hexagon nut to stop the pencil rolling around the work surface.

    Made from a beautiful peice of holm oak wood. Holm oak is a large evergreen oak native to the Mediterranean region. It is also known as holly oak. The wood is hard, heavy, and very durable. It is very decorative and therefore highly sought after for crafts.

    Style: Mechanicl pencil.

    Material: Holm oak wood. Chrome plated components.

    Finish: High gloss.

    Refill: 5.6mm x 80mm pencil lead.

    Length: 12cm

    Diameter: 1.3cm

    Weight: 46g